R.I.P. John Furbee

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R.I.P. John Furbee

Thank You Michael for a great post on Mr. Furbee. The City will have a press release coming soon.

Post was taken from fellow resident of Desert Hot Springs, Michael Ray Burke:

“I am not sure how many in our community know yet, and I definitely do not have or am I prepared to deliver this news in the way this monumental announcement should be.It is with tremendous sadness that Desert Hot Springs has lost one of it’s largest philanthropists, smartest businessmen, hardest working, leader of the city direction and just downright kindest hearted gentlemen, John Furbee.

wouldn’t know where to start about him, from owning a Pharmacy in the early days of our city’s history to being one of the largest donors to Cabots, Food Now and just about every cause for children and animals, to being a very active supporter and volunteer of our Rotary club, to serving on the water district, to donating the land for the John H. Furbee Aquatics Center, to just being supportive of every resident in any way he can on a personal level, John Furbee was just a downright hero.

He would almost never speak a bad word about anyone. He was positive, uplifting, optimistic and supportive.

I will just briefly share that before I was truly involved with the community, I would sit outside of Sidewinder with Gizmo, this gentleman would come by, pet the dog and offer a pleasant conversation. It later occurred to me he was a man photographed on the wall with a collection of historical city leaders, and I remembered his name on the ballot when voting for Mission Springs Water District. Fortunately, through various projects and involvement in the community, I had the opportunity to get to know him better and hang out with him on a personal level. John Furbee was without a doubt one of the largest inspirations for me to stay in Desert Hot Springs, encouraged me that it is possible to achieve high success here and that being involved is important.

John Furbee has, and always will be as much a part of our community’s history as much as names like Cabot Yerxa, Hilda Gray, LW Coffee, Carl May and Edward Wenzlaff are. There will never be a day you can speak of Desert Hot Springs lifetime and not mention his name.

John Furbee, thank you for everything.”